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How Does Our TV Advertising Work – With Brief To Broadcast

How Does Our TV Advertising Work?

Learn how a TV Advertising campaign runs from start to finish and how we can help you achieve exceptional results for your business. TV Advertising allows your brand to connect emotionally with your target audience through the viewing experience. It has been proven TV delivers the highest returns on advertising spend.

Below is an explanation of how our TV advert process works

We have been establishing companies on TV for over forty-five years and can tell you that as with everything it is all about the detail. Whether you require a regionally targeted campaign to increase localised sales, or national exposure of your brand’s message, we help you to achieve a TV campaign completely tailored to your needs.

Our Brief To Broadcast system is tried and tested and is put in place to ensure that you get the right TV advert to the right audience, on the right channel, at the right time, with the right results to build your brand successfully. See our Nine Steps to success below, each one is crucial to achieve an effective targeted TV Campaign.

If you already have digital assets or have experience with different media such as print or digital, this cuts the process down as you will already have a handle on the briefing element / the creative. We buy £20m worth of straight airtime every year at the best prices in the market. If you would like to talk further about the process then contact our TV advertising team or call us today on 0207 3890876 or use our contact form. Our experienced staff are always on hand to talk you through the process.

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9 integral steps to get your brand on TV

Our TV Advert Process – From Brief To Broadcast

Send us a brief

Simply fill in one of our contact forms, or call on 0207 3890876 to discuss the first steps towards getting your brand on TV.

Initial consultation - understanding your business objectives

One of our highly experienced team will take the time to understand your business as well as your objectives from TV advertising. From there, they will talk you through the process of TV planning and buying, so a relevant and cohesive strategy can be agreed.

Market analysis

Research underpins our planning. We use specialist tools such as Mosaic and Nielsen to define your target audience and their priorities. These tools are also used to conduct market research on your competitors, including advertising spend and customer profile, meaning that your ad plan will reflect an educated understanding of the brand’s position in the market.

Develop a creative brief

Working alongside your dedicated Account Director, we will produce a creative brief, focussing on the agenda of your campaign from both a brand and a commercial point of view.

Advert development and production

Our Creative teams are briefed to produce concepts for the creation of your TV ad, be it Graphical, Animation or Live Action execution. We work with various teams to produce top quality commercials for all budget ranges starting from as little as £5k. Concepts will be presented, and your chosen one will be developed into a final commercial.


TV planning

Using your business objectives, information shared with us, and market research, we can now create your TV Advertising plans. As an independent agency, we have no biased commitments to media owners, meaning we can seek out the best way to maximise the return on your investment.


Book the plan

Our experienced planners and buyers know how to book the most cost-efficient spots to get the most out of your budget. They negotiate programming and placement on your behalf to ensure the most responsive airtime is generated.


Campaign execution and monitoring

Throughout the execution phase, we monitor the delivery of the campaign on a daily basis to ensure the value booked is delivered. You will receive advance spot schedules and regular updates, with any amends communicated.


Post campaign analysis and optimisation

The UK television audience reporting agency BARB issue full TV viewing figures 10 days after airtime. In order to measure the impact and effectiveness of your campaign, we use both off-the-shelf and bespoke in-house analytical tools alongside the TV viewing reports and sales data to reduce your cost per lead, increasing efficiency and ROI of your media.