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Advertising on Sky Adsmart

Sky AdSmart uses a creative new technology to enable a revolutionary approach to TV advertising.

The platform allows different adverts to be shown to different households watching the same programme simultaneously, in Sky and Virgin Media subscription homes. It uses data and other identifiers to specifically target your relevant audience whilst also permitting you to advertise nationally or regionally.

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What is AdSmart from Sky?

Sky Adsmart allows brands and businesses to target relevant audiences with greater ease across different TV channels.

Are Sky adverts targeted?

Advertisers can target specific audiences by identifying their location with Sky Adsmart. This allows for a more personalised advertising experience and can gain businesses more meaningful exposure in certain markets.

Are Sky TV adverts personalised?

AdSmart is Sky’s system for targeted, addressable ads, which are commercials that can be swapped out and personalised based on location or other personal data – even in live-broadcast, linear TV.

With Sky Adsmart, an advert can be swapped out and personalised based on location or other personal data compared to standard, broadcast campaigns.

How much does it cost to advertise on Sky?

TV advertising costs on SKY can range from £3 for daytime advert up to £20,000 for a national advert in a premium SKY Sports match.

Starting from £3 for a daytime advert, the cost of TV advertising on Sky can reach up to £20,000

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