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Advertising Using TV Sponsorship

Advertising Using Sponsorship

As well as traditional spot advertising, channels also offer the additional opportunity of sponsorship. Sponsorship is an impactful platform for boosting frequency, having the ability to reinforce a marketing message or reposition a brand. This creates a direct association aligning your brand with a specific programme, strand or entire channel. The most common sponsorship types are channel sponsorship, genre sponsorship, daypart sponsorship and programme sponsorship. Sponsorship is an excellent way for brands new to TV to plant their flag in the TV advertising landscape.

Programmes attract a loyal audience resulting in your advert being viewed multiple times, this increases its impact as the frequency of views builds more brand awareness. TV Sponsorship can deliver a consistency of audience, time of day and environment that is expensive to replicate through the traditional media buy.

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Sponsorship is made up of ‘credits’ before, during and after the show. The names of the credits are:

A good sponsorship can provide effective cut-through and targeted communication to specific viewing audiences.


‘Openers’ can be up to 20 seconds in length to bond the brand and association.

Break Bumpers

‘Break Bumpers’ are generally 5 seconds and are played in the centre breaks of the show.


‘Closers’ are normally around 10 seconds in length, reaffirming the connection between brand and programme.


Typically, TV sponsorship costs less per viewer than buying a traditional TV campaign. The reason for this is that you cannot have advertising messages or calls to action in sponsorship adverts. Size and profile of the audience is what determines the cost as well as demand from the market.

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