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Targeted TV Advertising

Targeted TV Advertising

With over 45 years’ experience in TV planning and buying, we know how important it is for campaigns to be targeted to your relevant audience. We have grown hundreds of businesses from small TV tests to £8 million + per annum spends in the UK, USA, Australia and Central Europe – and can help your business too, whatever size or spend you have. Targeted TV Advertising is proven to be one of the most efficient advertising mediums for ROI on Direct Response brands and trackable advertising campaigns.

There are a number of ways you can use TV to target your desired audience. These differ between linear TV (watched at time of broadcast) and more advanced options such as Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) or Sky AdSmart.

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Linear Advertising Targeting

There are two main types of targeting within linear TV:

One of the noticeable benefits of linear TV Advertising when buying a specific audience, is the added value. Other audiences outside of your desired will also be exposed to your advert for no additional cost. The wider demographic will often still be interested in your product.

Broadcaster Video On Demand Targeting

BVOD is now a mass medium, with millions of highly engaged viewers watching their choice of programmes exactly when it suits them, resulting in a high level of ad effectiveness. The use of first-party data results in your desired audience being specifically targeted. ITV, for example holds data from its 32 million registered users of ITV Hub. BVOD can also be used to complement your linear ad campaign with incremental reach. Additionally, All 4 (C4) have over 24 million registered users who can be targeted through demographic targeting, interest-based targeting and contextual targeting. In terms of Sky Media VoD products, these platforms reach 49% of the UK adult population in a month, the average On Demand user watches 24 minutes per day!

Sky AdSmart

Sky AdSmart is an advanced way of being able to target viewers within specific households when watching broadcast TV. Sky’s technology replaces the broadcast advert with a specific advertisement within the homes that have been targeted.

Sky AdSmart allows you to pick your ideal audience from hundreds of segments so you can be sure only the right households are seeing your ad. These segments are made up of regionality and audience attributes from Experian mosaic data. In terms of regionality, brands may target specific postcodes, metropolitan areas, or a local authority, to name a few. Brands are also able to choose specific attribute combinations from Experian mosaic data to reach their desired audience, these include affluence, beauty, expectant families, and senior decision makers etc. There are up to 90 different mosaic profiles to choose from.

It is possible to buy AdSmart campaigns across the majority of channels sold by Sky (which includes Channel 5, Discovery, Viacom, and of course the Sky channels).