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Advertising On Sky

With over 130 channels, Sky Media reaches over 95% of the UK population every week in over 12 million homes. Sky Media represents all of Sky’s channels encompassing a wide and diverse portfolio of programmes. In turn, the large number of channels attract unique audiences, allowing brands to target any desired audience aligning with their marketing strategy. Some of the most popular channels include, Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky One, Sky Movies, Sky Arts, Sky Atlantic and Sky Witness. Sky Media also sells on behalf of a range of renowned broadcasters including Channel 5, Discovery, National Geographic, History, MTV, FOX, Universal, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

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Sky On Demand, Sky Go and My 5, offer the most engaged VoD audiences on the market

Per month, these VoD platforms reach 49% of the UK population – that equates to 25.5 million adults. These VoD services offer current programming and an extensive library of content which again provides advertisers with a great way of reaching their chosen audience. Advertisers can reach highly engaged, upmarket viewers through exclusive pre-roll and post-roll slots.

Whether you are new to TV or have been on the box before, there are numerous platforms and opportunities available for all budgets to reach the audience that matters to you most.

Example Programmes

A League Of Their Own, Your Face or Mine, Fifth Gear, Modern Family, Sex And The City, Ballers.



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