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TV Analysis – Targeted TV Advertising

At TV Advertising Agency we understand it is vital to deliver a qualified return on investment from your media. Apart from the impressive ROI that TV delivers, advances in TV analysis permit optimisation on a more nuanced level than before. The ability to continuously monitor and adjust a TV campaign puts impressive results within reach.

Pragmatic analysis strictly underpins our planning. We have built our reputation on developing cost-efficient TV campaigns which grow through continued optimisation. We implement the same rigorous process for all clients, no matter what size, by planning and analysing on a line-by-line basis. The up most attention is paid to every spot that you invest in.

Targeting is more than channel selection. Each spot needs to be paying for itself. We have two automated systems in addition to which our team have an average of 15 years experience optimising TV plans to give the best returns in the market.

If you would like more information on how to ensure that your TV spends are giving the returns you need then please call our team on 0207 3890876 or fill in the contact form.

We utilise the value of the latest research software such as Nielsen, Mosaic and DDS. From these reports we gain insight into which channels your competitors have advertised on, the day parts, weekdays, programming, trends and seasonal patterns. We also supply estimated competitor spends whilst identifying the reach and frequency of activity. 

We can create a proposal that is in line with reaching your target audience whilst ensuring the most cost-efficient strategy possible. We plan by analysing the research collated on sector and competitor spends, in addition to any internal data you provide. Our proposal will outline a variety of factors best suiting your brand and objectives, these include, the most efficient channels and recommended budgets for each, the optimum buying audience, advert length and dayparts. We would also include the proposed reach and frequency figures for your campaign, and the predicted number of spots and TVRs achievable with the proposed budget.

BARB overnight data is collated for initial guidance on returns, followed by final consolidated figures 10 days after your spots go out. We continuously check that your spots are being delivered as per the schedule, updating you when or if they change. BARB data allows for complete transparency when demonstrating how each spot performed in terms of TVRs and impacts. 

Using a combination of off-the-shelf and purchased analytical systems, we track not only the delivery of the airtime, but responses via call log or web traffic. This provides tangible evidence, optimising the spots which respond best to your KPI’s. We can identify various tracking metrics most suited to your brand, these could include: 

  • Cost per call 
  • Cost per lead 
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Cost per incremental session
  • Cost per order