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TV Advertising Costs in the UK – Price Match Guarantee

When it comes to TV advertising costs, there are options for all budget ranges

With hundreds of commercial channels, regions, and executions to choose from, we build cost-effective TV Ad campaigns to suit all needs – be it a large national advertiser across multiple UK TV networks and channels, or a smaller regional campaign, we will find a solution to meet your needs.

Generally, TV advertising is bought and sold on a Cost Per Thousand (CPT) basis (the cost an advertiser pays per 1,000 views). This price is either negotiated and fixed with the TV station or set by ITV and traded at a discount or premium depending on numerous factors:

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Time of day

The cost of TV advertising is dependent on when the ad airs. Daytime TV (09:00-17:30) is usually considered a less desirable time to advertise as it attracts a smaller more passive audience, resulting in lower TV ratings. However, due to this we are able to achieve lower CPTs compared to peak times and therefore it can be the most cost efficient way of reaching your target audience.

Whilst daytime shows reach a limited audience, peak time slots are capable of reaching an expanded viewership, increasing the estimated costs to advertise.

When planning a campaign we would consider the brand’s target audiences’ viewing habits, and think about what they are watching and a particular time of day.

Spot Time Length

The length of your TV advertisement will greatly impact the cost of broadcasting.

30 seconds is the industry standard for campaign costing. If the length of your advert is shorter or longer than this, the costs will vary accordingly.

The Trading Audience

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