TV Advertising Agency

TV Advertising Agency

At TV Advertising Agency we understand that businesses need to grow to succeed. See below some of the many reasons behind why so many have chosen TV to evolve and develop their brand.

TV delivers by far the largest reach of all media. In the UK we spend on average almost 4 hours per day watching TV, with an additional 30 minutes on other devices such as laptops, tables and smartphones. Not only that, commercial TV reaches 71.4% of the population in one day, 92.8% in a week, and 98.2% in a month.
No other medium can build scale as quickly as TV.

The UK is also a nation of TV watchers, accounting for 48% of the average person’s chosen media day. Commercially, we watch 45 TV ads a day at normal speed (fast forwarded ads are not counted) – which is 7 more than ten years ago!

You may be surprised to hear that over recent years TV advertising has actually decreased in cost, where all other mediums have steadily been on the rise. Average TV advertising spots are reported to now cost as low as half a penny, with many being free of charge. Find out more about the cost of TV advertising, or fill in our contact form for one of our team to talk you through how we would plan your campaign to make the most of your budget.

Simply put, TV is the lead medium for profit generation and effectiveness. TV advertising is, on average, TWICE as effective at increasing sales per equivalent exposure as the next best performing medium – press. On average for every £1 invested in TV, it pays back £1.79 in profit – which is again, more than any other medium)!
(Thinkbox and Ebiquity, 2014)

TV is also proven to be crucial to building brands’ long term profit. This effectiveness can be seen in both the short and long term – however the IPA report that in campaigns of over 3 years, TV creates uplift in profit of nearly 140%!

Accountability is a key aspect of TV advertising . Using our bespoke analytic tools, we can monitor airtime on a minute-by minute basis, optimising as we move through campaigns, and working towards greater efficiency and ROI. In addition to this, we share all results with our clients so that there is absolute transparency in delivering your campaign.

Go to our client’s case studies page to read more about how we grew their businesses with TV advertising.