After the obvious pandemic distruption a massive increase in audiences and a major drop in revenue and TV advertising costs. TV came back stronger in 2021
than anyone expected – surpassing pre-pandemic investment levels. There were a total of 1,286 new advertisers on TV in 2021 showing that tehre are still many businese seeing the relevance of the medium. accounted for 55 of these new advertisers
In 2021, 1,286 advertisers used TV for the first time, or returned after 5+ years away. This follows on from 1,243 new TV advertisers in 2020.
Between 2015-2019, the average number of new-to-TV advertisers a year was 840. The dramatic increase in the last two years (up 53% on
the pre-pandemic average) demonstrates the increasing appeal of TV advertising to businesses of all types of businesses.
TV advertising investment in the UK totalled £5.46 billion in 2021, up 24%, making it a record year
New-to-TV advertisers up 53% on the pre-pandemic average which can only be linked to the sucess they are getting from the campaigns
£1 billion more invested in TV advertising in 2021
source ThinkBox