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Thinkbox 2016 TV Review

Thinkbox The independent marketing body for TV, announced their review of 2016

The key facts from Thinkbox are as follows…

-Seven years of growth for TV ad revenue in the UK as total TV ad revenue reached £5.28 billion in 2016, a modest increase that was hampered by Brexit

-Online businesses now TV’s biggest spenders. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix seeking to harness the brand building power of TV invested over £639 million in TV in 2016, an increase of 8% on 2015

-Total TV – live, playback and on demand – accounted for 75% of the video the average person in the UK watched

-For the video-obsessed 16-24s, TV is also their favourite form of video, accounting for 56%

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The full Thinkbox article can be found here